Crescent Central School is owned and managed by the Crescent Service Trust Peringamala. It was registered as a public, charitable and educational Trust under the provisions of the Indian Trust Act 1882 on 29 September 1995.(Reg. No 660/95) A term of eminent educationalists and other progressive minds drawn from different walks of life with a definite vision and mission have given shape and form for the Trust, which was founded with the twin objectives to work for the development, progress and benefit of the public and to establish institutions to cater to the educational needs of the locality based on the mainstream of national level education. The Trust since its inception has tried to fulfill these noble goals and the establishment of Crescent Central School is a partial realization of the long-cherished ambition of the Trust. Under the able leadership, guidance and inspiration of a group of prominent and elite persons, the Trust has grown from strength to strength rendering yeoman service for the up gradation and development of the region and community and playing pivotal role in the educational, cultural and social progress of the society.